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Weekend Apprenticeships
Monthly Weekends - Fall to Spring

Apprentice in Outdoor Skills! 1 weekend a month, Fall to Spring.

Grades K-12 Go beyond summer! Join friends to learn Trackers Skills with expert guides. Choose your class, choose your apprenticeship: archery, wilderness survival, animal tracking, fishing, boating, wild foods foraging, and more! Nine monthly weekends from Fall to Spring.


Weekend Apprenticeships for Youth & Teens

Friends & Social Connection

Kids and teens discover lasting friendships and share adventures while learning new skills led by expert guides.

Skills & Nature Connection

Students explore outdoor skills and arts, learning life lessons in connection and meaningful relationships with nature.

Mentoring & Leadership

Apprenticeships cultivate leadership skills and self-directed learning rooted in community service and stewardship.

Outdoor Apprenticeships

Get Outdoors!
Monthly Weekends—Fall to Spring


Stealth, Archery& Wilderness Survival

Grade K-1 / 2-5 / 6-12 Build shelters and forts, learn to skillfully use a woodcarving knife and master the skills of fire craft.
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Wilderness Survival, Wildcraft & Foraging

Grade K-1 / 2-5 / 9-12 Train all Trackers Skills: wilderness survival, archery, fishing, forage for wild plants & cook outdoor feasts.