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Trackers Earth is a youth organization that inspires kids to have fun and navigate true challenge. We get outdoors and have epic adventures. We teach real skills from wilderness to fine arts and crafts.

We believe kids can truly contribute, developing the grit and character they need to thrive! All this in immersive camps and programs filled with fantastic story and adventure.

About Trackers

We help children feel like that group of kids wandering country backyards 50 years ago: independent, tired, muddy, wet, and happy from the woods and wild. Through our many years in education, we are acutely aware of the real hazards of the outdoors. We work to keep kids safe but not encapsulated from, nor phobic of what is wild. We believe children need to develop ever increasing independence, competency, and capacity in nature—not only for their own connection and fulfillment but also to contribute to their families, future generations, and the more-than-human world. We believe it is okay to be thirsty at times, cold at times, and wet at times. This builds empathy and care for the gifts of life, fostering true adventure and genuine accomplishment. We also believe it is critical for children to feel supported and cared for as they explore their passion for service and responsibility. And through a healthy life found in nature connection, they can test their limits and discover the great potential of the often untapped physical grit and emotional resilience they possess.

Skills We Teach!

  • Bushcraft Skills Stealth, camouflage, field archery, bushcraft, and wilderness survival.
  • Mariner Skills Fishing, boating, crawfishing, river running, and navigation.
  • Farming Skills Farming, folk craft, wild plants, and homesteading.
  • Strategic Skills Martial arts, paintball, role-playing games, and strategic thinking.
  • Leadership Skills Leadership & service that incorporates principles of Stoicism from the Hellenistic philosophical tradition.

Why Join Us?

  • Develop and hone your leadership and outdoor skills in a challenging and rewarding environment.
  • Be part of our A-Team that values strength, perseverance, and creativity in creating extraordinary outdoor experiences.
  • Get competitive compensation working in an adventurous, action-packed environment.
  • Greatly impact the lives of children, families & community by fostering care for nature, adventure & resilience.

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As a guide with Trackers Earth, you play a pivotal role in shaping the experiences of our campers. Each task you undertake is crucial in fostering a safe, engaging, and enriching environment for our young adventurers.

  • Strategic Leadership with Grit: Confidently lead groups of campers, ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 12, even under challenging circumstances. Your unwavering determination and focus are crucial, particularly when encountering unexpected challenges.

  • Resourcefulness, Charm & Resilience: Represent Trackers Earth to Guardians, campers, and the public with not just excellent communication and networking skills, but also the resilience to overcome obstacles and bounce back from setbacks.

  • Technical Proficiency & Problem-Solving: Your role involves handling various outdoor activities and gear. Maintenance and cleanliness is essential. Quick thinking and resilience in addressing operational or technical challenges are vital.

  • Creative & Resilient Problem-Solving: Bring a blend of creativity, energy, and an unyielding spirit to our team. Your innovative and steadfast approach will be crucial in creating quality, action-packed experiences and adventures for youth.

  • Engaging Communication & Education: Your responsibilities involve inspiring, educating, and leading with strength and compassion. Effectively communicate and educate on a variety of subjects, from environmental stewardship to historical lore, ensuring that learning is both fun and impactful for all age groups.


Guiding with Trackers demands a unique blend of physical prowess, mental agility, specialized skills, and a passion for youth education in dynamic environments.

  • Situational Awareness, Strategic Thinking & Problem-Solving: Ideal candidates have excelled in roles requiring quick decision-making and adaptability, such as coordinating emergency responses or leading expeditions in unpredictable environments.

  • Capable in Intensive, Unpredictable Environments: You can bring order to chaos, finding creative solutions in uncertainty, and maintaining focus under pressure. This skill is often developed in environments like military service or fast-paced food-service industries.

  • Readiness for Action: You can meet the physical demands of navigating rugged wilderness and urban settings. This may include walking 10K-20K steps in intense weather conditions. Experience in roles such as athletics or outdoor guiding is beneficial.

  • Specialized Skills: We value unique skills that enhance our outdoor experiences. Whether it’s archaeology expertise, tactical skills from a military background, or niche talents like sled dog racing, your skills can significantly contribute to our programs.

  • Ability to Work with All Ages of Kids: A crucial trait is the ability to engage and educate children from Kindergarten to High School. This involves adaptability and tailoring communication and activities to various age groups. Experience in teaching or related fields is highly valuable.

Educator Roles

Trackers offers both seasonal and full-time, year-round roles. The positions are limited, we encourage you to apply for various options. Please note, you must be able to report to work every available week in the summer season.

Guide (Educator)
Wilderness Survival Camp

Mentor groups of kids in outdoor skills, crafts & general badass capabilities. Help them to be more competent, resilient & gritty.

  • First Year $754 per week
  • Returning $765 per week
  • Train to teach badass Trackers Skills
  • 15% off all Trackers Earth programs.
  • Proven work experience. 18 years age & up.
  • Required Training Pre-reading + Jun 19-21
  • Required Teaching Jun 24-Aug 30, Mon-Fri
  • Optional Time-Off July 3-7

Please note, all required dates are mandatory

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Coordinator (Teacher & Manager)
Rock Climbing Camp

Mentor youth as they grow to be gritty & capable. Manage guides and coordinate program safety, operations, stewardship & leadership.

  • Day Camp $831 - $843 per week
  • Oregon Overnight $940 - $1025 per week
  • Career and professional development.
  • 15% off all Trackers Earth programs for staff only.
  • Proven work experience. 18 years age & up.
  • Required Training Pre-reading + Jun 17-21
  • Required Teaching Jun 24-Aug 30, Mon-Fri
  • Optional Time-Off July 3-7

Please note, all required dates are mandatory

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Mentor (Elder | Wizard)
Archery Basics 1

This role is both mentor & elder for our community & programs. Help develop Trackers staff, tell stories, and occasionally lead groups.

  • Pay $20 - $23.50 per hour
  • Flexible work dates & hours.
  • Community development & mentoring role.
  • 15% off all Trackers Earth programs for staff only.
  • 40+ yr exp in education or skill we teach.
  • Training Pre-reading + Jun 17-21
  • Teaching Jun 24-Aug 30, Mon-Fri
  • Optional Time-Off July 3-7

Mentors are able to sub for guides as needed.

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Program educators are not assigned to a fixed worksite. You must be able to report to any assigned workplace location in Kirkland.

Onboarding Training

Portions of onboarding training occur online or have required reading, other sections are in-person. Please note, all onboarding training pays Minimum Wage, after onboarding training the regular pay wage applies.

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