Trackers Earth: Camp Reviews

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Very engaging and professional... The best he's ever been to.

Shannon A, Parent

The Trackers camp counselors are fantastic. Great, creative energy that really engages the kids' imagination. You can tell they love this just as much as the kids.

Robin M., Parent

My ten-year-old daughter had her first overnight camp experience at Trackers. She came home with songs about milking goats, hand-forged iron, and memories for a lifetime. She loved the wildness of camp and her own sense of self-sufficiency.

Katy L., Parent

He begged me not to have to go to the other camp I planned on for this week (Spanish camp). In a late night/early morning hunt, I narrowed it down to Trackers camp. He is absolutely loving it!!! And...I am pleased with what he is learning. You guys really have it down. I guess he had heard from other kids how great it is and we have not been disappointed. Thanks for being so awesome. Great quality. Great leadership. So far, very happy.

Jane, Parent

He was thrilled and very chatty about the safety tips for his knife use today. And I love that he heard this advice from a different voice besides his dad and I. We give loads of advice on safety and it is always easier for kids to hear this from another adult. Great!

Mary, Parent

Both days he has complained (as we're cleaning out the uneaten parts of his lunch) about "not having enough time to eat" all his food. I know my son. He would rather walk and talk than eat most of the time. If you give him an hour to eat he will use 5 minutes for food and 55 for chattering and playing with whatever is nearby. So what he really means when he says there was not enough time is: I need someone to remind me to eat when it's time to eat. During the school year his teacher often set a challenges for him at lunchtime. Basically, to sit down, shut up and eat. Food is important! Thanks for taking such good care!

Tasha (son is Very Excited), Parent

Lily is having a fantastic time at this camp!! She comes home full of stories and energy and can't even wait for the adventures for the next day. She is positive and ready to do and help with anything. She loves the instructors and other kids at the camp. Time and energy very well spent. We are thrilled to hear her next adventures and ambitions for the following day.

Holly (North), Parent

Wilder was nervous about starting camp in a new town but came home totally pumped about his first day at Trackers. Yay!

Chantrelle (NE), Parent

Jeffrey built his first fire and loved it! He came home exhausted (the point of it, really!) and excited about how many cool things he got to do, including shooting a bow with real arrows. He had a blast and can't wait to see what the rest of the week holds.

Brad, Parent

Max hates camps and fought this tooth and nail! Guess what, he gave his first day an enthusiastic two thumbs up and can't wait to go again. Yay!

Andrea, Parent

Nico woke-up yesterday very excited to go to camp. She had received her "School of Magic" letter over the weekend and was talking all about her magic wand and trying to gather everything up that she'd need for camp that day. This was great to see since she's not like that about going to school during the year. I was thrilled! And each day that I've picked her up after camp, she's been talking all about magic and what she's done during her day and just seems so happy and ready for another day of camp. It's amazing!

Tia, Parent

Charlotte had a great first day at the School of magic. She was very excited to tell me all about Ents and was really looking forward to making her wand and talking to mer-people about what happened to the magic. I loved the fact that the fun activities continued through the after-camp time. She loved sword-fighting! And when I arrived to pick her up, she was totally engrossed in a game of Dungeons and Dragons ("not the video game, mom!"), which brought back a wealth of great memories from my own childhood. I may have to break out my old books and dice for family game night!

Melinda, Parent

Cyd was flabbergasted by the idea of covering her body with dirt and filling her hair with leaves. I could tell that she saw her day as a major accomplishment and she is ready for the next adventure. She woke up today, before the alarm, ready to hunt for some crawdads.

Kurt, Parent

I love the energy in the room when I walk in the door to drop my kids off.

Jill A., Parent

A totally new experience. Like Junior Outward Bound.

Lucy B., Parent

I wish she could come all summer.

Janet M., Parent

Fantastic! Ella had the best week. Her favorite camp of the summer!

Caroline P., Parent

Always a great experience. I prefer Trackers to the multiple camps we've tried.

Elisabeth N., Parent

Hard to imagine any other camp that is this committed to the safety and enjoyment of the kids.

Andy & Monica W., Parents

Can't wait to return. Everything camp should be. Fun. Engaging. Safe. Outdoors. Thank you.

Janet H., Parent

So far, it is the best camp we have ever been to.

Jennifer P., Parent

No comparison. We did one week at a local community center and it felt like day care for kids, calling itself "camp". This feels like an adventure and Alec is excited to go there.

Laura M, Parent

Boy won't stop talking about the stuff they learned and the great time they had!

Megan K., Parent

Both of my kids loved their camps, we will be back!

Elizabeth S., Parent

Fantastic! Wonderful people who are passionate about what they do and care deeply for their students... This camp was outstanding. It exceeded our expectations and it was a great value.

David C., Parent

'This has been the best camp ever' the boys say, but they did say that last year for Trackers too.

Cathy S., Parent

The experiential nature of the camp was perfect for our 7-year old. She loved all she learned and loved being at camp. Being outdoors and exploring is really fun for her! ... We are planning to switch a few more weeks of traditional community cernter camp, later in the summer with Trackers camps.

Lisa R., Parent

He's been proud to share new things he's learned with whole family. He specified, however, that he's not learning like school, he's "discovering." Thank you!

Pamela V., Parent

Surpasses any experiences with camps so far; this is our first Trackers Camp.

Karl S, Parent

He says this is "probably the best camp I've been to in my whole life" (little does he know he's doing kayaking camp (with Trackers) in 2 weeks… I wished I'd plugged into your camps sooner.

Gail A., Parent

I've never seen her so excited to go to camp everyday.


This camp is so awesome that when I pick him up he says right away "Aren't you gonna ask me about my day and what I did?


The discipline info and warnings in introduction emails felt overwhelming and worrisome, so I was glad it all worked out.

Kate K., Parent

This is the best camp ever- we are thrilled.

Janine F., Parent

If your kid is imaginative, adventurous and loves the outdoors, there simply isn't a better camp experience.

Nicole C., Parent

I know my son is enjoying this camp immensely. I will definitely look into other Trackers camps experiences for my son--and for me!

Kathy P., Parent

Trackers is such a unique opportunity, simply by letting kids be kids. My son has never been so excited for a program/camp/acitivity/, as he has been this week @ Trackers. We drive from Tigard everyday and it's totally worth it!

Amancia K., Parent

He had a lovely time all week and is talking about next year already.

Quenby, Parent

This camp is so awesome that when I pick him up he says right away 'Aren't you gonna ask me about my day and what I did?' Usually I have to ask a million questions to get a couple of details.

Molly M., Parent

Pel says this is one of the best camps ever and that all he wants to do next summer is Trackers.

Jeff M., Parent

Better and more unique than any camp we have attended.

Kim L., Parent

Trackers is so very impressive!

Katie V., Parent

Hard to imaging anything else that would compare.

Andy W., Parent

First time camper and we loved it!

Melissa A., Parent

We started with one, now we're doing 5... Next year we're going for overnight camp. Maybe someday he'll be a counselor.

Laura, Parent

My son loved his camp experience. As a city dweller, I take pride that my son still has an opportunity to catch frogs, go fishing & be outdoors. By far one of the best camps he's attended.

Toni K, Parent

They are the best I have seen! Smart, passionate, energetic, funky and caring.

Katy B, Parent

He loved doing "real" activities.

Little House: Wilders Homestead Parent, Age 6

Our kids loved every minute.

Dinae M., Parent

I really thought Silent Wednesday was a great idea.

Elizabeth L., Parent

Kevin has had a fantastic time! It is a great camp for the summer. It is well-run and well supervised.

Diane M., Parent

The elf pouch is a huge hit and will likely be worn all summer. Thank you for running such a great program which combines the wild with story and imagination so well.

Julie M., Parent

We always love Trackers" - it's the only camp we chose to do this summer. I definitely noticed it's expanding, but that hasn't seemed to affect the quality of the experience. We loved Silent Wednesday- what a great idea!

Elizabeth L. Parent

Thank you so much for offering a place where a child can have fun, be loud, get dirty and have to think for themselves. I so appreciate that you hold our childern to a higher standard.

Sarah C, Parent

This was my son's favorite camp of all time! Others include ***, ****, *** ****, *****.

Andrea S, Parent

The staff is wonderful! They are enthusiastic and passionate about what they do! And they pass that on to the kids. The kids has so much fun! This is their second Trackers camp and we will be participating every year!

Erin M, Parent

My daughter was more excited about this camp than any others.

Chris, Parent

Camouflage is such a great way for kids to feel both safe and powerful.

Jen S, Parent

He chose Forest Ninja and has come home each afternoon Filthy, Tired and very impressed with his new Stealth Ninja Skills!


The teachers were friendly and welcoming with my shy daughter. This was her first camp experience and she warmed up to the class quickly thanks to them. She is sad the week is over. She's loved taking me to Oaks Bottom every afternon to show me new places and teaching me new things she's learned.

Pamela V, Parent

Trackers is light years ahead of other camps my kids have done. If there's a theme, activities are on-topic and engaging (which wasn't the case elsewhere).

Christine J, Parent

Thank you for an awesome, inspiring week. We are an avid backpacking, camping family and I was very impressed.

Jody L, Parent

Your program builds skills, confidence, competence and appreciation.

Stacy R, Parent

Just want to thank you for being everything you advertised (and more) and everything I had hoped for in this particular camp experience for my daughters.

Ona N, Parent

This has been the best camp! And, we've gone to a few! I have been telling everyone about it. I don't think you could have developed a more perfect camp experience for my son. Seriously… Honestly, I cannot think of enough words to describe how great this week was for Ethan. He was engaged, enthusiastic and exhausted at the end of the day. The storyline that his group developed was amazing and kept him thinking and connecting every night. I love the enthusiasm of Stewart. The patience and guidance he has with kids is inspiring. He has the ability to command a group of excitable kids safely and in a way that gets them thinking, creating and using their imaginations-- which is an under utilized skill (in my opinion). I loved how he made the whole camp adaptable to what the kids were interested in, and had the flexibility to flow with it. Fantastic job you guys!!!

Erin D, Parent

I am truly impressed, no thrilled, to have found Trackers.

Jody L, Parent

Tell us about our staff… they radiate serenity and competence.

Cathy, Parent

The program has really grown since we attended 2 summers ago. It seems to have retained much of the character and ethos-- although parking is much tougher. Staff is well-trained and the scope and variety of activities and experiences is stunning… I see this story evolving as she grows. We're glad you exist. Keep it up!

Rebecca S, Parent

This camp is seriously a FULL week of doings!

Rebecca H, Parent



My child loves Trackers camps like no other camp! We cancelled some of our other camps this summer so she could have more Trackers!

Gene H, Parent

I just loved that my daughter was getting to all the things I did as a child.


Lucas comes home each day and entertains himself for two hours with skills he learned each day. He's busy making swords with cardboard and duct tape. He has new best friends from camp and is overall a very happy guy. He LOVES this camp and wants to do more.

Carolyn M, Parent

This was her first time with Trackers. We were totally impressed by the camp and it's staff. That's the word around town - everyone raves about this camp experience.

Lolly J, Parent

You rock, the energy is amazing.

Michelle W, Parent

We love Trackers - only camp we do.

Ilka, Parent

Everyone was patient and friendly, especially with the kids.


I have to give a thanks up to June and staff from the Wilder Camp too. She took her campers to my Dad's (Storeybrook Stables). Dad was very impressed with how well behaved the childern were and how the staff took care of them.

Colleen L, Parent

Love the instructor/parent communication. Love the safety and adventure combo. Love the realism and fantasty combo.

Norwood, Parent

The staff seems sharp, enthusiastic and creative. Definitely seems more fun and adventureous than past experiences at other camps.


So creative and engaging on a level that was perfect for them.


My kids get a chance to be free and outside. That doesn't mean the program is unstructured, it means the instructors have an incredible ability to listen to the kids they're working with… I can't think of anything better than that.


Hands-on learning with a dose of humor.


When my seven-year old son said to me, "Mom, Can I go to Trackers instead of college?" I knew that the incredible teachers at Trackers had an impact that was going to shape the rest of his life. Whatever makes you happy, my love!