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Trackers Earth is a youth organization founded on the idea that kids can navigate real challenges, truly contribute, and develop the grit and character they need! We guide kids to learn wilderness survival, farm craft, and mariners skills while creating immersive camps and programs with epic story adventure.

Seeking qualified applicants for Winter, Spring & Summer Break Camps + substitutes for school-year programs.

We do more in one day than most camps do all summer!
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Available Positions

We're looking for:

Apprentice Guide: Learn with and work with Lead Guides and coordiantors guiding kids outdoors.
Lead Guide: Guide and inspire kids on outdoor adventures learning incredible skills.
Coordinator: Motivate and lead teams of youth and Guides.
Supervisor: Supervise and mentor Coordinators to deliver the best camp experience for kids.

Requirements for all positions:

  • Able to act as a role model and embody the Trackers Code with youth.
  • Show enthusiasm to learn and model the core skills of Tracking.
  • Have grit, becoming more calm and creative, not emotional, when challenged.
  • Show professionalism while supporting youth, families, colleagues, and supervisors.
  • Believe in the capability of all ages of youth to contribute with self-direction, self-discipline, and selfless service.
  • Follow all safety and quality practices outlined in Trackers training and by Trackers Guides.
  • Able to transport yourself to work on time at any Trackers site. This is important!
  • See below for required attributes and certifications.
  • Complete required credentials and paid trainings in a timely fashion. Trainings are offered at flexible intervals and on days that may accommodate pre-existing professional commitments.

Apprentice Guide

  • 2+ years of general work history.
  • Enthusiasm to learn outdoor education and Trackers Skills.
  • Role With a Coordinator or Lead, guide two Trackers Teams.
  • Compensation $16 per hour

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Lead Guide

  • 1+ years working in Outdoor Education or 2+ years in General Education, 2+ general work history.
  • Role With a Coordinator guid two Trackers Teams.
  • Compensation $17.25 - $23.25 per hour

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  • 1 season of management experience, preferably in outdoor or educational settings.
  • 1+ years experience in outdoor education or 2+ in general education.
  • Ability to coordinate and plan for complex logistics, flexibility in working with challenges.
  • Capability to set and maintain high standards of performance for staff and campers.
  • Expertly communicates with parents, staff, and youth.
  • We can help you get this CDL Class B or C with Passenger Endorsement
  • Role Oversees a teams of both an Leads or Apprentices while guiding youth in specific skills or camp themes.
  • Compensation - Level 1: $745 per week
  • Compensation - Level 2, CDL Class C Required: $785 per week
  • Compensation - Level 3, CDL Class B Required: $863 per week

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Our Commitment

We are committed to being fair in how we pay. Summer rates of compensation are transparent, and fixed, so you can be assured Trackers Earth provides equal pay for equal roles and responsibilities. Compensation from a position’s base rate relies on documented licenses and work history.

Please Note Training pays Minimum Wage, during normal teaching schedule, the regular pay scale applies. Training can be done on a flexible time frame leading up to programming seasons.

About Trackers

About Trackers

Since 2004, kids and extended families in all their forms have journeyed on adventures with Trackers Earth and our Guides. We share the Arts of Tracking through stewardship and enduring outdoor skills. We commit to developing opportunity by respecting the diverse cultures and values of every Guide, youth, and family serving with us. We endeavor to grow with families for the increased accessibility of these experiences. We define ourselves by an ever deeper kinship to the more than human world, multi-generational character, and the principles discovered and found in the quietest moments with the forest.


As a seasonal educator with Trackers, you are not assigned to an officially fixed worksite.

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Required Experience, Attributes & Physical Demands

Maintain high professional standards
Punctual and timely for all scheduled shifts
Ability to set and communicate boundaries for youth in a positive way
Ability to think on your feet, be creative, and care for the safety of children even in challenging situations

CPR/First Aid certified (or ability to complete before position begins)
Anaphylaxis & Epinephrine Auto-Injector certified (or ability to complete before position begins)
Food handlers certified (or ability to complete before position begins)
State fishing license (if working with programs that fish)

Ability to continuously stand, hike backcountry terrain on and off-trail, bend, squat, climb stairs/hills, lift up to 50 lbs
Pre-employment checks: criminal background, reference, requirements in MVR Policy, Alcohol/Drug Test for drivers

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Check all positions that you wish to apply for. BE SURE you meet the minimum qualifications!

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In applying for this position, I understand I must make all the date commitments on the previous page and requests for schedule may not be accomodated.


Please list three references; include at least two professional references you have worked with.

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Please Note You will be asked to bring a resume if scheduled for an interview.