Rover Adventures - Grade PreK-K
Summer Camp for Younger Children

Share an outdoor adventure while making new friends! Rover camps are for our youngest Trackers. With the guidance of our experienced teachers, children learn new skills and engage in imaginative play through fantastic stories and legends.

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Choose your own adventure with different weekly themes:

Faeries, Elves & Mostly Friendly Dragons Journey through the Realms, learning the ways of Nature from Faeries and Elves. Discover the story magic of the Mostly Friendly Dragons who dwell in the enchanted woods.

Rovers Survival: Stealth & Archery Our expert educators take campers on a fantastic survival adventure. Guided by our forest rangers and teachers, learn archery and play fun games of forest stealth.

Rovers Forest Ninja Explore the forest with your ninja teachers and team. Play fun stealth games and learn martial arts movement from our local animals. Stretch like the otter, leap like the deer, and run like the coyote!

Rivers, Creeks & Crawdads! Journey to creeks, rivers and lakes. Hunt and fish for crawdads and other water creatures. Learn all about outdoor cooking and safe water play.

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